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Bideau Travels is the best travel agency you can find right now, located in St Lucia, to book your next flight, cruise or accommodation. We outperform our competition in prices while allowing you to take advantage of the best accommodations available to satisfy your interest. We put together great, affordable deals for our customers but also book any tours & accommodations as per your request using our contact form.


We DO NOT Slap You With “Middle Man” Prices Because We Are A Booking Agency.
We negotiate the best deals on flights and accommodations, some of which may even be cheaper than a direct booking. Stick around or join our email list so you don’t miss out!


We DO NOT Leave You Stranded During The Booking Process.
We handle all the work for you. We only leave the payment up to you and then you be there on time after your booking is approved and you receive your receipt.


We Reduce The Risk Of Losing Your Money To Void Bookings
We have in place a refund policy on paid bookings, if for any reason, something goes wrong beyond your control and you can’t fulfill your accommodation.

Despite simplified processes that have made booking reservations easier, there are still many people still unable to book their own cruises, flights or hotel accommodations. Some on the other hand just don’t have the time to do it themselves, while some just can’t make up their mind on where to go…or they just don’t know places to go. This denies many people of their desired experiences, new destinations and dream vacations. Our company was birthed to correct as many of these situations as possible by providing options at affordable cut prices, handling the full booking process and also creating the best experiences with feature rich itineraries with you. Book your next accommodation by filling out our booking forms or find one that captivates you amongst our best deals on site.

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